Couples Therapy


Couples therapy focuses on building healthy, productive patterns of communication and an evolving connection that can endure the ups and downs of life. Using an active, compassionate approach, I establish a safe place for each member of the couple and assist clients in developing the skills and self-knowledge necessary to build intimate and supportive relationships.

Couples therapy may be helpful for you if you are:

  • engaged or considering a long-term committment
  • stuck in unproductive patterns of communication that leave you both frustrated or hopeless
  • frequently fighting without resolution
  • working to rebuilt trust after an emotional or sexual affair
  • disagreeing on issues of money, sex, career issues, or household responsibilities.
  • needing a tune-up to bring renewed closeness and passion

Counseling can also be helpful to couples who are not in crisis but did not grow up with role models for happy and healthy relationships. In some cases couples issues may best be worked on in individual therapy.

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